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About Me

Hey ya'll my name is Michelle,nickname Kelly,um...first of all i'm from California,I'm a really funny,dorky,very lovable and nice image girl,I love Music,my motto is No Music No Life!My dream is to become a major recording artist,I love singing,I have people say to me that I am good,and that I should have a career in music,so hopefully it will happen soon (as soon that I am 16,I'm auditioning for American Idol,hopefully I'll make it all the way image) !And saved the best for last,Kelly Clarkson is My Idol,I love her,she is so freakin' Awesome,I'm her #1 Fan!image

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My Occupation

Kelly Clarkson Kellyville Manager - KCKELLYVILLE.COM

My Hobbies

Music,Singing,Guitar,Hanging Out With Friends,Ect.!